Make up finds…

I just love when you search through draws and cupboards that you have left deserted for a while, and come across some old goodies that haven’t been touched in such a long time, but were loved at some point.

I recently came across 3 old goodies, which mostly consisted of different eyeshadows, and one that I am so excited about finding.

This is my first re-discovery, which I absolutely adore, and as you can see I adored it when I first got it but for some reason I forgot about it. Its from MAC and is called Royal Assets – 6 warm eyes. The colours are sunday best, nobility, retrospeck, star violet, club and showstopper. I bought this palette about 4 years ago on a holiday to LA, and it was my first ever item of make up I really splashed out on, and its just gorgeous and still is. But now I can see so much more potential to experiment.

I am not so sure if these colours still exist, but I will make sure to check it out!

The second find is from Benefit, another palette called Gorgeous Georgia. It has 2 eyeshadows, ‘Me, Myself and I’ and ‘Groundhog Day’, a lipstick in ‘I think I love you’ and a powder in ‘Georgia’.

The Georgia powder from what I have searched doesn’t exist anymore, but I think its quite similar to Dandelion, which is a brightening face powder. Georgia is a very suttle powder, with just a hint of a peachy colour in it, it is very suttle and I do quite like it, but if it was still around its not a colour I would repurchase. The lipstick isn’t a colour I would really wear as I tend to go for either a nude colour or something bolder, this is a nudey brown which I don’t feel suits me.

The eyeshadows are pretty, especially the shimmer one. But the brown colour is a great sculpting colour to define the eye socket. I think this palette is nice but thats it ‘nice’ not something I would love, and not something I remember purchasing.

The last is a product from Pout. This brand i am pretty sure doesn’t exist anymore, but these eyeshadows are so gorgeous and I’m not sure why the brand every disappeared. This eyeshadow duo wasn’t actually mine, but it came under my possession a really long time ago, and as you can see it was hardly used. I decided to try these colours out on saturday night and they are really great quality and have great pigments. So I am on a mission to find out why they are no longer around!

Have any of you used these products? Or remember Pout?

Nikki xoxo


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