Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

In the beauty/blogging world the Real Techniques make up brushes by Samantha Chapman are so popular. I was introduced to them by Lily’s blog and instantly realised why they were so popular. But in my day job, going to nail clients around North West London, beauty is a topic which regularly comes up, and recently so did the topic of applying foundation.


I’ve noticed that some people still find it hard to apply foundation, and always want to find out the best ways, brush or fingers!? I think it depends on the product and is also a personal choice. But as soon as I was introduced to the buffing brush from the core collection from Real Techniques, issues with applying foundation for a perfect finish was a thing of the past.

In the core collection you get the detailer brush, pointed foundation brush, buffing brush and a contour brush. Now you would automatically think to use the one saying foundation brush, which is also the one recommended, but Lily insisted to use the buffing brush for applying foundation, whichever form the foundation came in (liquid, compact etc). I literally pump a small amount of foundation to the back of my hand, dab the brush lightly into the foundation and buff it over the skin. I can honestly say it gives the most amazing finish and looks flawless.

I like to use the pointed foundation brush if I have an area that I want to have a fuller amount of coverage or for under the eye area and around the nose for great precision. I like the detailer brush for applying concealer to wherever is needed, or for applying a lipstick that needs more precision. The contour I like to use for applying highlighter or for when I use powder and want to get it deeper into creases around the nose or chin.

I am planning to build up my range of these brushes as I think they are great, and not to mention amazing value for money. The core collection has 4 brushes and a case, and is £21.99 from Boots.

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